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Ableton is also running a special holiday discount until January 15th.

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Check out their Push webpage for details and pricing. The Pocket Piano in particular is a brilliant little instrument that offers far more sound that you might anticipate from the toy-like name and look. The device also supports templates and works as a basic MIDI controller that you can map however you like.

The Launch Control XL is currently available at many online and local music retailers.

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This means if you power it with a USB power cable, you can use the sequencer without a computer to sequence hardware synths and drum machines. The bass response on these headphones leans towards heavy, which means for everyday use they may get fatiguing. They are also available at retailers online.

We should also mention that AIAIAI makes another version of these cans that are made more specifically for music producers. The TMA-1 Studio Headphone is about the same price but offers a different design that is more specific to production work instead of DJing.

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For more information on headphones check out our DJ Headphone Roundup from earlier this year. The kit contains, power, an oscillator, a filter, an envelope, a speaker, a mini-sequencer, and a mini-keyboard. You can also expand on the kit with additional pieces like a microphone, a light sensor, and a motion trigger. The SubPac itself emits little to no sound, but rather sends vibrations of sound through your body, allowing you to feel sub frequencies in music.

The end result is a music experience much like sitting in a car with booming subs in the trunk, where your body vibrates to the sound. The experience is surprisingly three dimensional and real. Additionally it allows you to drop the bass while not annoying neighbors or significant others.

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You can buy the S2 directly from SubPac. Did you know that Dubspot offers gift certificates for our programs?

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Give your loved one the gift of knowledge this season with one of our music production or DJ courses that can expand sonic vocabulary and launch you into new heights of creation. Any Dubspot program, course, or weekend workshop can be scheduled and wrapped into a gift for your music lover. We can even arrange private one-on-one sessions with our instructors at an affordable price. Call 1. Anyone who comes by will have the opportunity to ask our instructors in-depth questions about our programs, curriculum and philosophy, and watch live music production and DJ demos.

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You can even sit down at one of our workstations and take it for a test drive. Please Help! Ableton Failing With Bigger Set. Preparing tracks for live performance? Ableton warping acapellas question Can the DrumRack be tempo-adhusted. Ableton and k2: map 2 faders to one track Producing in Ableton causing grids in traktor to become very small Ableton Help By far one of the best articles ive read about ableton.

Recording Need someone that knows program well Pickup notes on clips?

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Blue Hand Rising and falling pitch can i keep it in-key automatically? Grey 'Pseudo' Warp Markers - How to use them properly? Are The Interelated? Sound packs and vst's windows to osx problems LOOPs to clips-easiaer way of doing this? Ableton not loading an mp3 buying a launchpad..

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How to use Reaktor Player in Ableton Another Ableton noob looking for a quick straight forward answer lol if there is one Ableton Live DJing ideas can anyone suggest a decent usb audio interface for ableton? Twitter DJ and Ableton Ableton 8. Question about midi mapping audio clips to midi clips Ableton audio into Traktor?! Remix Deck Loop hole Ableton 8. Any Input would be apreciated.